Sewing Studio Series 03

Sewing Studio Series 03


This month we wanted to share one of the most organised sewing spaces we have seen. Trixie from the instagram account @withlovetrixie
She is a pattern tester for us and we really value her eye for detail. 

Who do you mainly sew for? 
As someone who spends majority of my day job in front of computers, my favourite pastime outside of working hours is one I can be both creative and tactile without the need of being in front of my screen, so the ‘craft’ of sewing I would say is for my own enjoyment. 

However, who I create items for has evolved over my sewing journey; starting initially as a way I could create clothes for my son outside of the usual colour schemes/styles of kids clothing to creating unique garments for myself that cater for my ever changing ‘mum-bod’. 

What do you enjoy making the most?

This is a hard one! 

I’m totally a creature of habit so when I find a pattern I love (e.g. I’ve made about 4 Pipit vests and no less than 6 Fennel Fanny Packs by Sarah Kirsten) I enjoy being able to make things I know I would get a lot of use out of. 
However, I also get a lot of satisfaction out of making technically really complex garments or drafting a design from scratch – I think there really is something to enjoy out of both. 

What kind of sewing machine do you use and how long have you been using it?

My everyday machines are the Janome MC9850 (a machine that does both sewing and embroidery!) and the Juki MO1000 overlocker/serger. I’ve been using both for about 1.5-2 years now and both are absolutely lovely machines to use. 

While my Janome was in service, however, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a pre-loved Janome Decor Excel 5018 in pristine condition about 3 months back. I absolutely love the build quality of older machines and if serviced appropriately, are an amazing alternative for those starting out looking for great machines at a lower cost.

How much time a week do you spend sewing?

Not as much as I would like unfortunately! Between my full-time job, taking care of my son and maintaining some level of decorum in my household – I tend to only sew consistently when my son goes to sleep. So anywhere from 8pm at night to sometimes 3am if I get really into what I’m sewing at the time. 

I do pay for the early morning sewing sessions the next day though (ha!) 

Some details about your sewing space. eg. is it the spare bedroom? your dining table? 
Typically described as my ‘sewing nook’, it came to be a little out of necessity and a little out of where I prefer to be sewing. We tried having a room in our house dedicated to both working and sewing but I kept bringing my machines out to our dining table to be able to interact with my husband while I sewed. 

Naturally, when I would bring my sewing notions, fabrics and tools out into the living/dining space, I would also need to be meticulous in packing everything away to keep little fingers from accessing hazardous sewing gear. (Which at 3am was a pain to pack away and bring out every time I wanted to sew again). So taking inspiration from where else but Pinterest, I was keen on having a place where my sewing tools would be easily accessible, safe from tiny hands and tucked away neatly in a living area. We used pegboards and a wooden desk to curate an unused corner into something both functional and fits with the vibe of my home. Bonus! My dining table comfortably fits a decent sized cutting mat to double as a cutting table right next to this space.  

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