Sewing Studio Series 04

Sewing Studio Series 04


This month we are featuring one of our friends and favourite makers Emily ThiangIn her creative space she paints incredible grid artworks, they then get printed onto textiles and she sews them into a variety of products. 
Learn more about Emily, her space and her sewing below. 

Who do you mainly sew for? 
At the moment I mainly sew for a few shops in Brisbane. Open House, Slowly Made and Nook are amazing local stores supporting artists and makers. I get to make pieces here and there and pop them into the shops. I predominately sew reversible tops, grocery bags, sunglass cases and small practical items using fabrics I designed or repurposed fabrics. 

What do you enjoy making the most?

I enjoy sewing clothes for myself the most. Probably because I don’t get to do it much so when I do I really enjoy the process and the result of having my own garment. Sewing the Bottlebrush shorts is by far my favourite make.  

What kind of sewing machine do you use and how long have you been using it?

My favourite sewing machine has always been an industrial straight stitch machine. I actually learned how to sew on one when I was around 13 because my dad owned one. At the moment I have a Juki and it’s a dream to sew on. I also have a domestic machine set up just for buttonholes, a domestic overlocker and an embroidery machine.

How much time a week do you spend sewing?

How much time I spend sewing fluctuates greatly depending on work deadlines. I am a freelance graphic designer specialising in books so my schedule revolves around those deadlines. In quiet times I get into the studio and sew as much as I can.

Some details about your sewing space. eg. is it the spare bedroom? your dining table? 
I am lucky enough to share a detached studio in my yard with my husband. His half is a music studio and my half is for the many hobbies I enjoy. Often my Aussie Bulldog joins me lying on the cool concrete floor. In addition to sewing, I also create painted art in my studio. Because I have quite a variety of interests I find it difficult to keep my space tidy that is why I have industrial shelves with curtains to hide the mess. There are also two tables on wheels that give me the flexibility to move things around depending on the hobby. I think I will be someone who sews and creates until I’m old and grey :)

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