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Ada Sandal - Kit

Ada Sandal - Kit

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Make a pair of custom-fit sandals with the DIY kit!

The kits have been designed for beginners so no prior experience is required. The written & illustrative instructions have been broken down into many small steps, making the process feeling highly manageable! And to further support the maker, all kits come with access to video lessons demonstrating many of the steps.

Due to the customisable nature of sandal making, the kits can accommodate a vast range of feet sizes and shapes!

If you love the idea of learning a new fun skill, and a super practical one at that, as well as having shoes fit specifically to your feet, then the kit is for you!

What is included in the kit?

This kit comes with the below physical materials pack that will be posted out to you. You will also have access to the digital shoe patterns, instructions and online video courses. Please make sure to sign in with your email address so you have access to these files on your account. 

Materials supplied in the kit

Upper Leather (1.4-2mm thickness) - select your colour below
Lining Leather (0.6mm thickness)
EVA Insole Foam (3-4mm)
Leather Randing (natural/beige with white stitching)
Resin Soles x 2 (3mm thickness)
Resin Combination Heels x 2 (6mm total thickness)
Aquilim 315 Glue (125ml)
Brushes (small + large)
Chinagraph Tracing Pencil

Specialty Tools List

The Ada Sandal does not require the use of any specialty shoemaking tools. However, please refer to ‘ Common Handy Items’ list below to see what you should have available for your project.

Common Handy Items

Scissors (for cutting leather - Mandel or Kasser are some of the suitable options)
Shears (for cutting through heavy materials, i .e. leather soles & heels)
Hammer (standard household will be suitable)
Measuring tape
Paper or light cardboard
Sandpaper (80-120 grit i s suitable)


You do not need to select a size for this product.

There are two main components to sizing - your insole template (the part under your foot) and your upper patterns (the part over your foot). For each, the instructions provide details on how to customise the fit specifically to your feet.

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