a guide to hand washing


The below steps are our simple all in one guide to hand washing your linen garments and will help you along the journey of hand washing skills that you'll cherish forever.

Gone are the days of chucking your washing in the machine and walking away until it makes the annoying beeping sounds. Hand washing your linen and other garments has many positive outcomes for both your garments, your bank balance and the environment.

As linen is a natural fibre, harsh detergents and not-so-ideal washing conditions can damage them and significantly reduce their life-span. By taking a little extra care with your specials it means they will have a longer life, keep their colours longer, use less water than your average washing machine and water your garden - all in one!

Download a pdf version here that you can print and pin up in your laundry!



Below is a sneak peak of how we wash ours..