What we are all about and why we do what we do....

Common Stitch was an idea born with what started as casual chat over cheese & wine.

Our business concept is all about the acts of slow learning and sharing knowledge. By creating our three product lines; sewing patterns, sewing kits and completed garments, we believe we can achieve this.

Our digital pdf + paper sewing patterns allow the user complete customisation to their garments. Upon purchasing the digital patterns, you will be able to automatically download your pdf pattern; both in copy shop and print-at-home versions. Our complete sewing kits are perfect for those starting on their journey to a hand made wardrobe. Complete with physical paper pattern, material, matching thread and required notations. All our patterns come with easy to follow instructions, accompanied with illustrations.

We understand that not everyone is able or interested in sewing, so we can do it for you. We also offer 100% finished garments, all made to order.

Our aim for all three product lines is for the end user to have a greater sense of ownership and respect to their finished piece. In saying that, we would love to see your finished product and how you choose to style it #commonstitch so we can follow along with your journey!

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