Half Moon Bunting

Half Moon Bunting

These are the perfect addition to Ali's nursery for her little girl and were super simple to make with our Cricut Maker 3!

We've got all the steps listed below for you, along with an bunting piece template you can download and load into your Cricut Design Space! All seam allowances have been included in the pattern piece so it's super easy to make your own DIY bunting!

Plus they can be used for so many different occasions (not just for a nursery) - think Easter, birthday parties, general home decor and so many other types of celebrations! 

What supplies + tools you will need
  • Fabric scraps for bunting (we used mid-weight linen)
  • Binding fabric or pre-made binding
  • Thread
  • Iron + ironing board
  • Straight stitch sewing machine (or you could sew them by hand)
  • Cricut Maker 3 (or similar model that can cut fabric)
  • Cricut Fabric Rotary Cutting Tool
  • Cricut Fabric Grip Mat (30 x 30cm)

STEP 01.
Lay your fabric out on your cutting mat.
We used the 30 x 30cm sized Cricut Fabric Mat which is great as your fabric easily sticks to it and you can use up all your smaller fabric scraps!
Make sure it is nice and smooth with no bumps or air pockets in it, this will help you achieve the cleanest cuts.

STEP 02.
Load the bunting template into Cricut Design Space.
We were able to cut 6 x bunting pieces on the mat, though depending on your fabric scrap size this may vary. The bunting template already has all of the seam allowances included in it for you. 

STEP 03.
Insert the fabric rotary cutting tool into your Cricut Maker 3 as directed and set up the fabric type you are cutting on (we used mid-weight linen scraps for ours). Send your design to cut and away you go! Once the design is cut remove the excess fabric (so satisfying!) then take your bunting pieces off the mat. We cut a total of 24 bunting pieces, which made 12 completed flags (2 bunting pieces per flag). 

STEP 04.
Time to make some simple binding!
We made ours 2m in length and 5cm wide.

Press each raw edge in 1cm and give a good press with your iron.
Then fold in half again and iron - now you have your binding!
(you can also purchase this pre-made if you prefer)

STEP 05.
Sew two bunting pieces together (right sides facing), sewing along the curve only, using a 6mm seam allowance.
Turn right side out and give a good press with your iron.
Continue until you reach your desired number of flags (Ali did 12 flags in total).

STEP 06.
Set out where you want your flags positioned along your binding and pin in place.
Sandwich the flags in between your binding with the fold at the top.
Make sure to leave 10-15cm at either end 'flag free' so you can tie your binding up at the ends.

STEP 07.
Sew your flags to your binding with a simple straight stitch, making sure to tuck in the ends also.

STEP 08.
Hang the completed bunting up in your nursery!


Make sure to tag us on socials if you end up making this half moon bunting!
We'd love to follow along on your sewing journey and see all the things you've been making. Plus stay tuned for some more fun projects with Cricut!

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