A Simple Scrunchie

A Simple Scrunchie

Materials / Tools Required
_Scrap Fabric
_Sewing Machine or Needle + Thread

Step 01
Cut out a piece of fabric - 15cm wide x 50cm long

Step 02
Join the two ends of the fabric together to make a loop, leaving a 1cm seam allowance

Step 03
Now you have a loop, iron down 1cm on either side of your loop, the entire way around. Then fold the loop in half and iron. All the exposed edges will now be turned inside and not visible.

Step 04
Join the two ends of your elastic together to make a loop - you can also use a thick hair tie here.

Step 05
Place your elastic loop inside your fabric loop and sew the open edges together, all the way around the loop. You can either use your sewing machine or hand-stitch here. The fabric will be gathered as your elastic loop is smaller than your fabric loop.

Ta-da you have a new scrunchie! 

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