The Shoe Camaraderie

The Shoe Camaraderie

We are so excited to share the news that The Shoe Camaraderie sandal patterns are now available exclusively at Common Stitch!

We have always loved Lisa's designs and the ease of making your own shoes at home - especially to co-ordinate with your handmade outfits! We think the sandal designs pair perfectly with our Common Stitch clothing patterns and can't wait to see the entire outfit combinations you make at home! 

Find out a little bit more about The Show Camaraderie below

Founded in 2017, The Shoe Camaraderie is a thoughtfully curated one-stop-shop providing everything needed for your sandal making projects, from a vast range of styles to choose from, corresponding patterns and instructional step-by-step guides and loads of online learning resources.

When commencing any new craft, it is best to begin simply and to build your maker-confidence! This is The Shoe Camaraderie philosophy and why we believe that sandals are not only a great once-off fun project, but also the best starting place for a long-term shoemaking pursuit! 

Making sandals allows you to learn a great range of skills and techniques in a very user-friendly way, that will not only result in the best chance of successful outcomes on your first go, but will also leave you feeling proud and empowered, and ready to take on more advanced projects! 

At The Shoe Camaraderie, the beginner maker is deeply cared for which is why the communication line is always open during the making process! It can be daunting when starting something new, so please know that you are encouraged to reach out with any questions or to request feedback on your project’s progress.  

Come one, come all, and let’s get shoe-ing!


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