The Fawn Skirt + Spoonflower

The Fawn Skirt + Spoonflower

When we designed our latest set of skirt patterns, The Fawn Skirt Set, we had envisioned music festivals in fields, long lunches and Sunday afternoon drinks with friends.

We started our design phase as we always do, hundreds of design sketches, mood boards, sewing skirt samples, fabric samples - it is all a bit chaotic! Then we came across Spoonflower and all their amazing fabric designs - you can basically find every type of textile design under the sun!

We spent a little while searching through so many incredibly talented designers and then everything just seemed to fall into place! We had narrowed down our designs to the three skirt patterns we wanted to produce, we found the perfect fabrics that were almost designed as if they came from our minds and we came across the perfect name - The Fawn Skirt Set!

The beauty with Spoonflower is that once you have found the textile design you want, you can then choose which type of fabric to print it onto. They print everything ‘to-order’ so there is no wastage! We picked a few different types of fabric bases as we wanted to show you how the skirts could be made in multiple types of fabrics.

Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra
Cotton Poplin Ultra
Silky Faille

You can view the collection of textile designs that we used to produce our collection photoshoot here! We also incorporated some of our standard linen fabrics throughout. We’ve listed the amazing fabric designers below and encourage you to check them out - they have some great designs!

Holli Zollinger
Andrea Lauren
Erin Kendal
Lauren (Thistle + Fox)

The Fawn Skirt Set was designed for the absolute beginner sewist. Haven’t sewn since high school home-ec? Not a problem, all you need is a sewing machine with a basic straight stitch, a zig-zag stitch (or overlocker), pins and a good sharp pair of scissors! The set includes three different patterns, all with their own set of instructions (clear and easy to understand). There is a gathered mini skirt, a gathered tiered maxi skirt and a shirred mini skirt! It also comes with a BONUS hack booklet, showing you how you can easily make the skirts into tops and dress’s! The possibilities with these skirts are endless and your gateway into sewing your own clothing!

Need some inspo on what style to make? Check out our Pinterest board here filled with some amazing skirt inspiration!

Check out our shoot below for further information on the types of fabrics we used for each skirt design!

Izzie (left) wearing View B hack in Silky Fraille fabric, Kalami Floral Mustard print by Holli Zollinger.
Jaye (right) wearing View B in Silky Fraille fabric, Kalami Floral Mustard Light by Holli Zollinger mixed with a mustard linen.


Jaye (left) wearing View C in Organic Cotton Ultra fabric, Kalami Floral Mustard by Holli Zollinger mixed with a paprika linen frill.
Izzie (right) wearing View C in Organic Cotton Ultra fabric, Kalami Floral Mustard Light print by Holli Zollinger.

Jaye wearing View A in Cotton Poplin Ultra fabric, Bee Garden - Spring Flowers by Andrea Lauren.

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