Sewing Studio Series 02

Sewing Studio Series 02


This month we wanted to share an account we find inspiring for our own personal makes. Mackenzie from the instagram account @linendreams_ 
She makes stunning garments so we were very eager to learn a little more about her sewing experience and of course her sewing space.

Who do you mainly sew for?
I sew for myself! I'd been dreaming of making my own clothes long before I ever started sewing and sometimes it's hard to believe where I am now - making the majority of my wardrobe. I do love to occasionally make things for my husband, my mom, and other close family members or friends!
What do you enjoy making the most?
This is a hard one! I'd say I most enjoy sewing pretty blouses. Tops are what I have the most practice with and I feel like my skills are strongest in that regard. I enjoy all of the steps of making blouses and find the process to be very enjoyable! The construction process of tops also just makes sense to me, so it's fun truly understanding the full picture of where I'm headed as I complete each step- while with jean construction for example I feel like I don't know what's happening until the very end haha.

What kind of sewing machine do you use and how long have you been using it?
I was given a Bernette b05 Academy for my birthday last winter and I absolutely love it. I hadn't looked into those machines before, but my mom and her boyfriend surprised me with it! I have to say when I opened the box I was nervous to have been given a machine I knew nothing about (by people who don't sew haha) but it turned out to be the perfect machine for me- they did a great job selecting! I think the quality is great, I prefer a manual over a digital machine, so I'm happy that it is still simple while being able to do things like an automatic buttonhole. The machine I used for 2 years prior was a Brother LX3817 and I truly didn't realize how rudimentary it was until I started using my Bernette. I still accomplished a lot on that machine (that didn't even have a stitch length adjustment!!) and always tell people that if a $100 machine is all they can afford to not let that stop them from learning to sew! Oh and my serger was gifted to me by my husband's grandmother (she owned a fabric store, made custom dresses, and taught sewing classes in the Bahamas!) and it's a Brother Designio Serger - DZ1234.
How much time a week do you spend sewing?
I really should keep track of this - on average I'd say around 20 hours a week? As a wedding planner who works from home I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and can oftentimes fit sewing into my day to day. A typical morning for me is waking up around 7am naturally, making coffee, and sewing for a couple of hours before I start my workday. On a weekend I don't have a wedding, you'll find me behind my machine for upwards of 10 hours a weekend :)

Some details about your sewing space. eg. is it the spare bedroom? your dining table?
My husband and I rent a 3 bedroom apartment (and don't have any children- yet!), so we each have our own "office" space, but mine is really my sewing space :) I love having a dedicated room for all of my sewing supplies and being able to shut the door and come back to a project whenever without having to pack everything away! On my desk I keep both of my sewing machines & have my spool racks and a peg board hanging above my desk for easy access of notions & supplies. I have a small bookshelf where I keep my printer, a small fabric stash, and the quilt project I'm working on. The closet holds a huge bin of scraps along with a basket filled with all of my printed patterns (rolled up with a rubber band and labeled). I experimented with hanging some patterns but prefer to roll them! I also have a loom that gets neglected simply because I prefer to spend my free time sewing :) On the opposite wall I have a comfy sitting chair & a giant floor length mirror.

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