Making Shoes + Custom Sizing

Making Shoes + Custom Sizing

Since Lisa became a shoemaker back in 2012, she offered custom fitting footwear so as to meet the sizing needs of her clients. As time went on, she began to think how incredible it would be if making your own footwear was as accessible as making your own clothes, also for the purpose of attending to individual sizing needs. For TSC shoe patterns, the goal was exactly this!

TSC patterns hope to share the process of sandal making in a way that is not only manageable for someone's first time, but also allows the maker to get the fit they need.

When using TSC shoe patterns, the first section of the instructional booklet guides the maker on how to take their measurements, how to choose a pattern size based off those measurements and then how to make their own insole template that specifically responds to the shape of their feet. Once the insole template has been made for the first pair of sandals, it can be used time and time again! 

The shoe patterns address sizing again during the 'lasting' stage whereby the upper leather is positioned over the foot, connecting to the insole, in a way that looks and feels right. Offering this flexibility is important to TSC as it promotes successful sizing outcomes, as well as a more satisfying and rewarding experience overall!

So if your feet are on the narrow side or long side never fear, making your own shoes mean you can get the fit perfect for you, time and time again! 

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