A made-to-order model

A made-to-order model

3 reasons why we love a made-to-order business model….

Longevity - we do our best to educate our customers about proper garment care and repair.  Performing simple mends here and there can vastly improve a garment’s life.  All of our garments are made to be worn well and well-worn.

Environmental - the garment-making process for us starts when an order is received.  This results in minimal wastage and limits landfill contribution because there is no dead or excess stock that gets unnecessarily disposed of.

Social - we love having the opportunity to involve our customers in the process of making the clothes they have ordered.  Our garments can be customised to suit any shape, size and style. While this can result in slightly longer turnaround times, the benefit is a deeper connection to the clothes we wear, and why we wear them.

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