Ambassador - Sophie

Ambassador - Sophie

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October 2020
Written by Sophie

Hey all!

I’m so excited to be a part of this project with Common Stitch and can’t wait to show you my makes! My first project as an ambassador was this pair of Bellbird Shorts. I love the pocket detail on these shorts; I find the way that the pocket folds over along with the front piece to create the waistband so cool! 

I try to sew with only natural fibres, so I chose to make these in linen from my local Potter and Co. I wasn’t too sure about getting a lighter colour at first, but the sample on display at Potter and Co convinced me. The colour is ‘Opal’ and part of their new heavyweight linen range.

They came together super quickly, with only four pattern pieces. I chose to make a size 8 based on my measurements. For reference, my waist is 66cm and hips are 94cm – my waist put me at a size 8, but my hips are in between an 8 and 10. I didn’t want the shorts to have too much volume in the waist, but they turned out perfect. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern.

The construction was breezy thanks to the clear and straightforward instructions. I followed the instructions most of the way, but I made a casing for the elastic instead of folding the waistband over the elastic and sewing it down. This was just a personal choice because I didn’t trust myself to be able to sew it down neatly whilst wrestling elastic. I finished it off by adding a cute label from Kylie and The Machine.

I love the shorts so much and I’m planning to make a Wattlebird Cami out of the leftover fabric to wear with it. Thanks SO much to the Common Stitch girls for giving me the opportunity to showcase my makes and coming out with these great patterns!

Soph x

See some images of Sophie’s creation below!

All images are courtesy of Sophie, 2020.


February 2021
Written by Sophie

Hey everyone!

I'm back with my second project as a Common Stitch ambassador - the Fawn Dress. I saw a sample of this dress in Potter and Co and loved it so much, both the fabric and the pattern, so I knew I had to make my own version. Another big selling point for me was that it has pockets, but since my fabric is quite light I wouldn't actually put anything too heavy into them.

I made a straight size 8 based off my measurements. For reference, my measurements are bust 84cm, waist 66cm and hips 94cm. My wait and bust measurement correspond with a size 8. My hips put me at a size 10 but I didn't take that into consideration too much as I knew that fit would be oversized anyway.

I used a yarn dyed linen check from Potter and Co in North Perth. It is so comfortable and has the nicest texture! I managed to squeeze it into 150cm of fabric. There was some (just some) effort made with pattern matching on the bodice, but I didn't bother pattern matching on the skirt due to fabric constraints and as the gathers would hide it anyway. 

I shortened the bodice by 1cm so that the waist seam was at my waist and shortened the hem by 5cm. I chose to omit the centre back seam, partly due to fabric constraints and also because I didn't want to worry about pattern matching. To do this, I removed 1cm at the centre from the back bodice piece and cut it on the fold. It wouldn't be complete without a Kylie and the Machine label, so there's one of those bad boys in there too.

A nice little detail I liked was that the instructions had you sew one shoulder seam only, do the neckline binding, and then sew the other shoulder seam. Usually, I would sew up both shoulder seams and then do the binding. This method took out the issue of joining up your binding in the round and was neater and much less fiddly. You can't see the shoulder seam allowance, it is hidden well.

Everything was going smoothly until I had to gather the skirt - I really do not like gathering!! I rushed it just trying to get it done before I went to bed (yes I broke that self-imposed no sewing after 10pm rule). Consequently, I spent the whole next morning unpicking it because the gathers were not even enough for my liking. My biggest tip with gathering would be honestly to just do it properly and take your time so you end up with something you're completely happy with.

Thanks for following along guys, I can't wait to share with you my next make ❤️

All images are courtesy of Sophie, 2021.


August 2021
Written by Sophie

Hey all!

This is my third project as part of my collab with Common Stitch. I honestly love each and every one of Ali and Charlie's designs and am so happy to be able to work with them.

I chose to make the Wattle-fawn Dress in this beautiful striped linen (supplied by Common Stitch in a sewing kit) that has just gotten softer with wear. I took it on my holiday to Rottnest and Exmouth and wore it so much! It goes great over bathers too and is a strong warmer weather favourite.

I made a size 8 based on my measurements and it fits really nicely. Instead of the tie at the back, I stitched the shoulder strap down to the bodice after I measured and found a length I liked. The instructions were very clear and at no point did I feel confused. I love the way they did the binding of the bodice and how the binding became the straps. The girls have really thought about all the details - the label they included was so cute. The longest part of the process was definitely all the gathers, but it was so worth it! A tip (I learnt the hard way) about gathering is to not skip the second row of stitches! I sewed two lines of gathering stitches, 6mm and 15mm from the edge. It didn't take much longer and the gathers were a lot more even and easier to control.

Another great thing about this pattern is that it is the combination of the Wattlebird Cami and Fawn Skirt. I can see myself making these as separates in time for next summer!

Sophie x

All images are courtesy of Sophie, 2021.

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