Ambassador - Ansara

Ambassador - Ansara

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July 2021
Written by Ansara

Hello! My name is Ansara and I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for Common Stitch. Like so many others who have explored new hobbies during the pandemic, I started my sewing journey during this time as well. One of the patterns that initially caught my eye was the Pipit Loungewear Set! I loved everything about this pattern, from the dramatic sleeves, loungewear/outerwear functionality, and the overall cuteness. 

For the fabric, I used black sand-washed cotton from Blackbird Fabrics.
The instructions provided by Common Stitch were super easy to follow which made the sewing process a breeze. If my memory serves me correctly, I cut out the pattern in a size 8. If I made this pattern again and had to change something, it would be the color so I can have multiple loungewear sets in different colors lol! I have a white bedsheet that isn’t being used that may be transformed into another loungewear set soon!

I definitely recommend making this pattern whether you’re a newbie or the most advanced sewer. If you are new to sewing, I’d suggest practicing sewing on buttonholes and elastic in advance.

Have fun making!

See some images of Ansara’s set below!

All images are courtesy of Ansara, 2021

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