Ambassador - Alissah

Ambassador - Alissah

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Bellbird Wrap Dress

February 2021
Words by Alissah

Hi, my name is Alissah aka alissshthreads!

For my first make as an ambassador for Common Stitch, I made the Bellbird Wrap Dress and let me tell you, it is the perfect mix of posh and simplicity! I used leopard print rayon, tossed on my dr martens and a faux leather jacket for a day date with my partner! I made a size 6 and cut about 4” (10cm) above the dress cut out line because I’m 5’ 1” #shortgalsunite I also curved the neckline 2” (5cm) higher #smallbustgalsunite

Let’s get down to pattern instructions, I feel a lot of people are intimidated by patterns but Common Stitch made it so easy to follow along. I was never guessing or confused and it was very simple to add or remove a few inches where I needed to without having to alter the entire pattern! It was amazing!! 

If you’re looking for a great beach cover up, use some linen and beach lounge all day! If you’re wanting something for a night out, use a rayon blend for a flowy flirty vibe! Either way, the Bellbird Wrap Dress is perfect for both!

Photos provided by Alissah 2021.


August 2021.
Words by Alissah

When Common Stitch released the gorgeous Sandpiper Dress, I knew I had to make it as soon as possible! I love the structured bodice and skirt. It’s such a classic form and universally flattering for every body type!

I thrifted 3 yards of lightweight salmon denim ages ago! I was saving it for the perfect make. The salmon denim and Sandpiper Dress were the perfect pair waiting to happen along with wooden buttons!

I made size 6 A/B cup. The one and only adjustment I made was adding buttonholes! And it was 100% because of my lack of prep and not being able to find elastic cording. I’ll definitely use that next time, along with sewing C/D cup!

I’m so happy with how my Sandpiper Dress turned out. It’s the perfect summer dress with the most flattering fit!

- Alissah


You can check out our Youtube video which talks you through all the steps to hack the Sandpiper Dress to have buttons + button holes (rather than elastic loops), plus a bunch of tips + tricks for sewing your Sandpiper. Watch it here!

All images are courtesy of Alissah, 2021
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